Continental Divide: East of L.A. / West of Tehran

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How important is American identity within the work of immigrant artists? How important is the inclusion of ancestral traditions within their art? Is it possible for first-generation American artists, born of immigrant parents, to express their American identity while retaining and honoring their cultural heritage?

Leon Gallery, at 1112 East 17th Avenue in Denver, Colorado opened its doors in August of 2011. In the past three years, the gallery has established itself as one of the most unique, vibrant, and innovative galleries within the Denver art community, presenting exhibitions that are both culturally relevant and artistically challenging. Continuing in this tradition, Eric R. Dallimore and Eric G. Nord, owners of Leon Gallery, in collaboration with Safa Samiezadé-Yazd, of Aslan Media and BoomGen Studios, are pleased to announce Continental Divide: East of L.A. / West of Tehran, an important new exhibition set to run throughout July and August of 2015, coinciding with Denver's Biennial of the Americas.

The show will feature select American born artists, of Iranian heritage, who are encouraged to present work that explores issues they have faced in being of Persian descent, the struggles they have encountered in exploring their artistic voice, and their connection, if any, to their ancestral homeland- while also growing up within an American culture that is too often misinformed and antagonistic toward their ancestral homeland.

The artists who will be featured during this exciting exhibition include 3 time Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker Justin Mashouf, Photographer Arya Ghavamian, Painter and Mixed media artist Kymia Nawabi (winner of Bravo's Work of Art, season two and a solo exhibitionist at the Brooklyn Museum), Performance and mixed media artist Amitis Motevalli, Electronic Time Based Media artist and professor, Laleh Mehran, plus other Iranian-American artists. Throughout the exhibition we wil also feature performances from Brooklyn based duo, The Mast and Vatan (Persian music with a country western finesse). This project also features a lecture series given by visual arts and Middle East Studies professors from the University of Denver, to shed more light on the greater context of Iranian identity within American culture.

In order for us to fully realize our vision and create an event worthy of these extraordinary individuals, we are seeking out event sponsors for financial support to help us offset the costs of travel, accommodations - provided by the Queen Anne B & B — performing fees, as well as shipping costs for artwork. We envision these sponsors as being individuals, companies, and organizations who share our passion for promoting a better understanding of the Iranian-American culture, and celebrating the creativity of the artists and entertainers who are emerging from within it. These sponsorships will give our event partners a chance to be associated with an exciting and worthwhile art exhibition and performance series, providing both a sense of community involvement, and brand name exposure.

We hope you will join us to make this engaging art show a possibility.

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